An extract from the book ‘Stress proof your business and your life’ written for the clients of Keen Dicey Grover by Steve Pipe and Elisabeth Wilson
“Money is a major cause of stress. Or,to be more accurate, not having enough money is a major cause of stress. So let’s take a fresh look at your option for getting more money.
Here’s the indisputable truth; all of the money you could possibly want already exists. It is just in somebody else’s bank account. So your challenge is to get it from their bank account and into yours…..legally, honestly, and with integrity.
And another indisputable truth; some money from some bank accounts you have to pay back, while some is non-repayable and you get it keep it forever.
Repayable money, for example a loan, has its place. But it comes at a price. So my guess is that you will sleep much more easily at night if your money is non-repayable, ie yours to keep forever and yours to spend in any way you want. So that’s the type of money we are going to focus on here.
For most businesses there are two main sources of non-repayable money:

1 Customers – When you make sales, and get paid for them, the profits are yours to keep. So the first key is to make more profitable sales, and get paid for them more quickly.

2 The Government – When you pay less tax, you keep more of your own money. So the second key is to reduce your tax bills to the absolute legal minimum, and increase your tax refunds to the absolute legal maximum.

These, two areas are mission critical to your business bank account, your personal bank account and to your life.
Your life depends on it
Your business is probably your main source of income and wealth. So most of what you want in life will ultimately have to be paid for from these two sources of non-repayable cash.
Your lifestyle (car, holidays, luxuries and houses) the education, the head-start and helping hand for getting on the housing ladder that you are able to give your children, the time out you need to follow your dreams and passions, and the joy and dignity in retirement, ill health and old age that you are able to ensure for your loved ones, as well as for yourself all depend on getting the best possible advice, and creating the best possible plan, to get the money you need from these two sources of non-repayable cash.”
A good Accountant will take the time to build a relationship with you and by understanding your business and your personal objectives, will be able to help you to structure your finances to be able to get paid more quickly, make more profitable sales and pay no more than the legal minimum tax.
Here at Keen Dicey Grover, due to our close working relationship with our clients, we make it our business to know their businesses. We can therefore ensure that financial information is created in a way that is suitable to their business and industry. This helps us to conduct relevant reviews of the business and its performance and take the time to understand the owner’s needs in order to support them and their business.
With over 40 years of experience, we work hard to provide visibility, eliminate the unknown and ensure our clients feel confident and informed about the status and future of their businesses.

Keen Dicey Grover

We care……………….we really care

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