Taxation represents a substantial cost to any profitable business and business owner.

In addition to the financial impact of tax on your business, you must comply with reporting obligations, which takes up your valuable time. You may also have to deal with potential investigations from the tax authorities, as well as incurring large penalties for non-compliance.

Taxation is a complex area, and we have experts on hand to help you to navigate your way through.

At Keen Dicey Grover, we strive to maintain a close working relationship with our clients which helps us to stay informed when your personal or business circumstances change, and when you need help with a particular area of tax planning.

With advanced planning, in most cases we can help you to make savings and minimise the amount of tax you need to pay.

Some of the areas of taxation we can help you with at Keen Dicey Grover include:

  • Minimising your corporation tax exposure by advance planning
  • Preparing income tax computations
  • Preparing corporation tax computations
  • Preparing and submitting your corporation tax self-assessment return
  • Preparing and submitting your personal tax self-assessment return
  • Stamp duty and land tax planning
  • Capital gains tax computations and planning
  • Business exit planning
  • Inheritance tax planning
  • Retirement and care home fees planning

We offer a comprehensive review of your tax affairs, aimed at minimising your future tax liabilities.

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