Business start-up

You’re great at what you do and want to reap the benefits of your hard work by setting up your own business. That’s how many successful businesses start.

But did you know that by planning your business start-up properly and working out how you can work ON your fledgling business rather than just IN it, you can maximise your future success?

No-one can be great at everything – that’s a fact. So just because you have a great idea, that won’t necessarily translate into immediate business success if you don’t put the foundations in place and make sure you’ve covered all the aspects of running a business.

The Keen Dicey Grover team can help to evaluate your business idea and take you through the process of developing it into a profitable business so you can hit the ground running.

At our business start-up meeting we will also help you to:

  • decide on the most suitable structure for your business (i.e. sole trader, partnership or limited company);
  • prepare a business plan including cash flow projections, budgets and trading forecasts to prove the financial viability of your ideas and demonstrate this to potential investors;
  • assess your finance requirements and help you to access the most appropriate source of finance for you;
  • establish relationships with banks, solicitors, financial advisers and other professionals via our nationwide network of the best quality contacts;
  • carry out registration procedures with Companies House, Inland Revenue or Customs and Excise;
  • set up an internal accounting system which complies with statutory requirements.

Contact us for a free initial consultation to find out how we can help your ideas turn into a profitable and enjoyable business.

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