The idea of using a tax calculator is a seemingly simple solution to the headache of tax planning and cash flow forecasting.  However there are a myriad of different taxes to consider when trying to understand the total impact of tax on your particular circumstances.

When searching for tax calculator on the internet the amount of choice can actually be quite daunting and knowing if you are using the right one with  the right information takes some experience as well as confidence in the source.

Some of the available calculators we found from the most trusted sources are listed below. Do note though, that if you are self employed you should not use the income tax calculators to calculate your tax liability. If you are self employed the income tax calculator you use needs to include the different National Insurance Contributions payable as well as taking into account the effect of allowable business expenses.

Corporate tax is also a potentially complex area and requires detailed information and careful consideration of the different tax treatments of certain types of income and expenditure. Online tax calculators will help with simple estimates however it is recommended that for a fuller assessment and a more accurate picture you should seek advice from your accountant.

In order to get a complete picture of your tax liabilities and for options on how to minimise your tax exposure, we recommend that it really is worth seeking advice.

Of course not all taxes are applicable to all individuals and businesses and indeed circumstances. Here at Keen Dicey Grover we have over 40 years of experience in understanding and analysing tax. We make it our business to be able to provide the information that is relevant to our clients and request only the information from them that we require in order to make the applicable calculations for their particular circumstances.

We  work hard to save our clients the headache and the time of dealing with their own tax affairs because and we know it’s our job to do the number crunching, to resolve the complexity and to provide our clients with the confidence and comfort of knowing that their finances and tax liabilities are efficient and in order.

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Income Tax and National Insurance Payments Calculators

For working out income tax and employer and employee NIC’s  see this site:

For working out more detailed calculations including pension contributions see this site:

For checking income tax due on savings interest including employment, but not including NICs calculations see this site :

For calculating take home pay after all deductions see this site:

To get a simple income tax and Class 4 NICs calculation see this site:

To asses extra tax and NICs due on dividend payments and work through a personal services company see this site :

Company car tax calculators 

To work out company car tax and car fuel employee benefits see this site:

If you choose car models and provide comprehensive tax details for the next three years see this site:

To check current and historic tax details on specific car models see this site:

Corporate Tax Calculators 

To assess liability based on profits see this site :

To calculate profits between the small profit rate threshold and main corporate tax threshold for tax years prior to 6 April 2016 see this site:

Payroll Calculators

To check the tax, employees and employers National Insurance contributions see this site :

To check Directors final NICs payments at the end of the tax year or directorship see this site :

To calculate Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) see this site:

To calculate Statutory Maternity and Paternity pay see this site:

Various other tax calculators 

To calculate the amount of VAT to charge on standard-rated supplies see this site:

To estimate potential Capital Gains Tax liability see this site:

To work out your business rates bill see this site:

To find out the amount of Stamp Duty Land Tax that might be due on a property purchase see this site:

The Telegraph has posted a tax calculator to help you work out if you are better off or not with in the new  2016-17 tax year changes to the way savings and investments are taxed. See this site:

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