As a business owner you will recognise the benefit of your business growth but you will also be aware of the extra workload that this sometimes brings to back office operations.

This may be the time to think about outsourcing. Making a decision on outsourcing the functions which are taking on higher volumes of work can save time and money. It gives access to high-quality expertise and services, it also minimises the risks typically involved with relying on and having to commit to recruiting in-house staff.

A great benefit of outsourcing is the scalability that it brings to your business which allows you to expand or scale down very quickly. Whether you’re looking to grow your business or cut down on spending, having a third-party reliable team working for you provides flexibility that in-house staff just can’t provide.

Outsourcing work to another business, rather than hiring a full-time employee, does bring financial savings. You are able to match the amount of work, in volume and or hours, to your needs along with the benefit of not having to pay out employee costs such as employee expenses, insurances, payroll taxes, paid time off and much more. Not having to provide work space, office furniture, computers and applicable software is another cost saving. Removing the time needed on training, relationship building, recruiting and managing staff also allows more time to spend on growing your business as all this is taken care of by the company you are outsourcing to.

Notwithstanding the above, the main benefit is that third- party service providers specialise in their field, they also are required to keep up to date with relevant skills and knowledge in order to provide the correct service. There is also a contractual obligation for the service provider to deliver your required standard of work in the time you agree with them. This makes life much easier than employee management and other human resource issues that are necessary when being responsible for in house staff.

There are factors to be aware of when making the decision as to who to outsource to and it is important to work with a business that allows you to communicate when necessary so that your ever changing needs and challenges are understood across distance and sometimes time zones.

By communicating and agreeing expectations on quality of work , timescales , and security of information at the outset, as well as arranging appropriate timely reviews, you will ensure the relationship between you and your outsourcing provider becomes a partnership. They will therefore act as an extension of your business with all the benefits this brings.

Finance functions can become quite costly when needing to hire experienced and sometimes qualified financial expertise. The opportunity for outsourcing management accounts, cash control, payroll, bookkeeping, budgets and cash flow forecasts, annual accounts, and corporation tax returns are all available through a good accountant.

Here at Keen Dicey Grover we provide all the benefits of an outsourced finance function. We work hard to ensure we create a partnership with all of our clients through understanding their needs and by providing consistent communication and care.

We consider it our responsibility to bring informed confidence to you and your business thereby giving you the freedom to focus on the core activities of growing your business.

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