Tuesday, 24th November 2015

At Keen Dicey Grover, you’re more than just a number...


Do you see your accountant as a necessary evil? Or a professional asset, adding real value to your business by working closely with you to help you to achieve your goals?

At Keen Dicey Grover we’re turning the traditional perception of accountants on its head. Our clients are not just numbers to us – every one of them has different objectives and targets which we aim to help them to reach.

Looking for a standard accounting compliance service? We’ll give you industry-leading levels of service and deliver exactly what we promise, every time - guaranteed. In addition, we’ll always give you a fixed price before we start any work – so no surprise bills. And unlike many other accountants we welcome your calls (and don’t charge you for speaking to us) so you can always get an answer to your query.

But the real difference is that we want to work closely with you, to get to know your business and to actively help you to grow, increase your profits and improve your cash flow. We’ll do this by proactively analysing your numbers, benchmarking your business against hundreds of others in your industry and highlighting any issues and opportunities as soon as we spot them.