Statutory accounts and Audit

If you have a limited company you are required to file annual accounts with Companies House in a statutory format. We can help you by not only preparing your statutory accounts, but filing them with Companies House for you too, ensuring you never miss a filing deadline.

If you have a limited company with an annual turnover in excess of £6.5 million or whose total assets exceed £3.26 million then it is a legal requirement to have your annual statutory accounts audited. Even if your business falls outside these criteria there could be occasions when you are still legally required to have an audit, so please do check with us when your circumstances change.

You can also choose to participate in an annual audit voluntarily and we would recommend this as a way of establishing a closer working relationship with us.

Any audit assignment undertaken by Keen Dicey Grover is approached from the viewpoint of discovering what makes your business tick and spotting opportunities for you to get the most out of it.

To discuss your accounts and audit requirements in more detail please contact us today.